$8.8 Billion Dollars

Site C is projected to cost $8.8 billion dollars — a tremendous debt that will burden B.C. residents for generations. Imagine what else could be done for our energy future with $5000 per household.   

cost overruns at BC HYDRO

BC Hydro, the developer of Site C, has a history of going over-budget. If the Site C project overruns its budget by the same percentage as BC Hydro's last three projects, the total cost will rise to $11.9 billion, with nearly double the projected annual costs.


Despite the fact that construction on the dam has begun, Site C is so economically unsound that stopping now would still save taxpayers billions of dollars. Better performing, cheaper alternatives exist that we can build when we have the demand

An Expensive Surplus

Site C will produce electricity for which there is no demand. This surplus will actually cost B.C. taxpayers between $800 million and $2.5 billion dollars — in addition to the $8.8 billion project cost. Why should your family subsidize the construction of something that no one needs?