Dammed if we do

The time has come to finally stop the Site C Dam. Scroll down to check out our new campaign, and learn more about why you should raise your voice against Site C. We will be posting updates as the issues develops, so if you'd like to stay informed please subscribe. When you're ready, click on the buttons below to take action! 

Our New Campaign

Watch out for our new campaign in the weeks to come. Let's get to work on sensible solutions for BC's future.


Let's get to work building the things we really need

The Site C Dam would cost taxpayers between $9 and $17 billion dollars — for power we don’t need. There are more sensible ways to spend our money. Let’s focus on the things we need, like fair-wage jobs building hospitals, schools and daycares.


Let’s get to work fulfilling our promise of reconciliation.

The Site C Dam would destroy untold numbers of First Nations’ cultural sites. We can't move forward on our commitment to reconciliation while trampling on Treaty rights.


Let’s get to work building an energy future that’s truly clean.

The Site C Dam is an expensive and outdated form of energy development. There are better and cheaper alternatives. Let’s get to work constructing modern green infrastructure and energy-efficient upgrades to our existing buildings.


Let’s get to work protecting our true wealth.

Our province's natural environment is the foundation of our food and water security, our ecological health, and our identity. The Site C Dam would destroy priceless and irreplaceable farmland and critical wildlife habitat.


Let’s get to work making fair-wage jobs where we live.

The Site C Dam comes with a hefty price tag and few jobs created. Instead, let’s create thousands of long-term, fair-wage jobs in energy and infrastructure — across the province in communities where our families already live.


Let’s get to work developing a skilled workforce equipped for the future.

The clean energy economy is an opportunity to develop a fair-wage workforce skilled in energy-efficient retrofitting, solar, wind, and geothermal. The Site C Dam pushes those clean-energy skills and investments out of our province.