Time Has Moved On

Ripples from Robert McCullough's reports and submissions are echoing throughout the news. Also in today's update: ecological valuation from the Suzuki Foundation and layoffs at Site C.

Alternative power $2B to $4B cheaper than Site C says international energy consultant


McCullough’s calculations are built on a comparison of the dam with an alternative portfolio of renewable energy sources.

Cheaper to eat the sunk costs


Robert McCullough, a consultant hired by the Peace Valley Landowner Association, which is opposed to the dam, praised the BCUC report and generally agrees with its calculations, although he thinks it was unnecessary to include battery storage, since B.C.’s existing hydro-electric dams can be used like batteries to backstop wind when it is not producing power.

"Time has moved on" 


"The competition is cheaper. It's a lot less risky, and you only have to order them a year or two in advance. The economics have changed."

Ecological Value in the Peace Region


The David Suzuki Foundation set out to look at the ecological value of BC's Peace Region. Here is Rebecca's chat with Faisal Moola of the David Suzuki Foundation.

Layoffs at Site C


Sixty Site C employees were laid off this week, with more layoffs expected on the horizon due to the shutdown of specialized concrete work for the winter season.