Ecosystem Wealth & Indigenous Knowledge

In today's update, we're looking back at a conversation about the true ecological value of BC's Peace Region and a sweeping survey of traditional knowledge from the Mackenzie basin. 

2014 CBC Interview on Value of a Forest

The David Suzuki Foundation looked at the ecological value of BC's Peace Region. Here is an interview with Faisal Moola of the David Suzuki Foundation about why the true value comes from leaving the forest standing.

A sweeping survey of Traditional Knowledge from the Mackenzie basin shows a view that, until now, has been difficult for researchers to capture at the human scale

Spanning three provinces and two territories, the waters of the Mackenzie Basin flow from as far south as Jasper National Park to the Arctic Ocean more than 4,200 kilometres away. The area encompasses some of the most contested environmental battlegrounds in Canada, from the Alberta oil sands and British Columbia's proposed Site C dam to Yukon's Peel River, where the Supreme Court is expected to rule soon on a landmark case over the territory's plans for development.