EXPERTS WEIGH IN ON WEALTH of the Peace River Valley

In today's update: an expert weighs in on Peace River Valley's full agricultural potential; the former Chair of the long-defunct Joint Review Panel on Site C testified against the project's need; and a plea to consider the full value of the natural capital and ecosystem services of the valley.

An Expert Agrologist Weighs in Land's Agricultural Potential

"Retired as an agrologist in 2016, I remain engaged in public discussion on Site C because, as a professional, I have little choice. This is simply too important."

Former Chair of Joint Federal-Provincial Testifies that Project Not Necessary

"Since I first analyzed BC Hydro’s case in favour of Site C and found the project unsupported on the present schedule, the price has gone from $7.9 billion to $8.335 billion plus a Treasury Board contingency of $440 million to $8.945 billion plus $440 million, which quite dramatically tilts the case away from Site C."

Reminder to Consider the Peace River Valley's Agricultural, Wildlife & Heritage Wealth

In their final report, the JRP for Site C made the following recommendation with:
Recommendation 19 “The Panel recommends that, if the Project does not proceed, the Province, after consultation with affected local parties, remove the flood reserve in a manner that preserves the agricultural, wildlife and heritage values of the Peace River valley”.