Delivering A Strong Message of Opposition

Today's update: a list of what's wrong with the project, UBCIC stands with facts against the development, and an event planned to deliver thousands of messages of solidarity against Site C. 

A List of What's Wrong with the Site C Dam

BC Hydro has lied about many important issues to keep the truth from us as it affects us all. Let us stop the destruction and move on to better choices.

Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs (UBCIC) Stands with Facts Against Project

For the record, the UBCIC supports the work of Robert McCullough of McCullough Research, and his public statements that building dams for energy is an outdated practice as the cost of renewable energy sources like wind and solar have decreased dramatically.

Event Planned to Deliver Petition Against Project

Join us as we bring a message to the BC government: the world expects BC to keep its promise to uphold indigenous rights