Say No to Expensive, Outdated Project

Today's update is all about the reckless, expensive cost of Site C: throwing good money after bad is a bad idea; there are better, cheaper and more environmentally sound ways for the province to generate jobs and power; the interests of B.C.'s electricity consumers have been, to date, ignored. BCUC's report on the project is expected tomorrow.  

Site C proponents fall prey to sunk-costs fallacy

Let’s go ahead to seize the massive Site C termination dividend now, while there is still time, and then discuss how to apply the dividend prudently — in B.C.

At $3.4 million per job, Site C isn’t worth the cost

It’s senseless and irrational to spend billions on a dam whose power we don’t need to create jobs at a cost of at least $3.4 million a head. The simple matter is that there are better and cheaper ways to create power and jobs, and with far fewer negative impacts. The B.C. government should scrap the Site C dam and invest in a clean-energy portfolio that will be more jobs-intensive and save us all money.

Site C accountability train has left the station

Dermod Travis’s column clearly shows that, to date, the oversight of this project has clearly failed to protect the interests of its main stakeholders: the electricity consumers of B.C. This oversight deficit is matched only by an even-larger accountability deficit.

BCUC report expected tomorrow

The British Columbia Utilities Commission (BCUC) is expected to release its final report on the Site C review on Nov. 1, 2017. The final report will be posted to the BCUC website