Digging into the Numbers & Making Sure Your Voice is Heard

Today's update: Site C numbers lack public verification; government accounting and Site C; let the BC government now that it's time to stop the project once and for all! 

Open Letter to John Horgan and BC Cabinet: Site C Job Numbers Lack Public Verification


The project is late, over-budget and it’s been shown that we don’t need the energy.  We can generate more electricity without flooding our farms and sensitive ecosystems. We can avoid encroaching on First Nations land title. And, for every dollar spent, retrofits create twice as many jobs as dam construction.

Government Accounting and Site C


As for Site ‘C’, that is now a conundrum for the present government to ponder, flooding arable land when “we” will soon need it to grow our own vegetables due in part to the lack of water in California. This part of the equation must be paramount with all considerations to the present deliberations.

It's crunch time - let the BC NDP know that you want Site C canceled!


This is it – the absolute final push.  Every one of us needs to contact the provincial NDP to let them know that we want them to cancel Site C.  We have a few suggestions for how best to do that – pick one or pick all, it’s up to you, but please make sure you are heard and we get this valley saved!