Intense Scrutiny Continues

The latest today: provincial Ministers head north for last-minute consultations; Peace Valley Landowner Association dispute the jobs claim; another letter against the project; more on the hard-hitting radio ads running as of November 9. 

B.C. Grapples with Future of Site C, as Premier Horgan Sends Ministers North

The heat is on, said Premier John Horgan, who is sending his ministers of Indigenous relations and energy to the region for consultations with First Nations and community representatives this week.

Opponents of Site C Don't Believe Jobs Numbers

But Boon, who still lives on the farm that has been officially expropriated for the project, says his observations have led him to a different conclusion about how many workers there are.

“There’s a lot of parked equipment. The parking lots at the camp are empty. When you go to the lookout and look down on the construction site, I would be surprised if there were half the workers there.”

LETTER: It is Morally Wrong to Continue with Site C Dam Project

It is time to cut our losses, terminate the project and begin remediation. Save some of our best farmland and respect the Indigenous rights of the local First Nations. The lost jobs could be replaced in alternative energy projects such as geothermal, wind and solar.

Citizen-funded Radio Ads Urge Site C Cancellation

Immediately after the BC Government announces a decision on Site C at the end of the year, the groups will put a second ad on air to respond to the government’s decision.