Megaproject Boondoggle

The latest: a Financial Post article looking at the determination of provincial leaders to bury pet megaprojects; a reminder that there is only one right answer on the future of the project; a letter writing party is scheduled to be sure the NDP government knows that answer is no. 

Politicians Hide Megaproject Boondoggles

"In B.C., it’s more of the same, as one ratings agency warned that deteriorating finances at the provincially owned utility, BC Hydro, could result in a taxpayer-financed bailout, which would ultimately wind up on the province’s balance sheet. That risk will only increase in the coming years. The public utility’s spending binge, most notably on the near $9-billion (and counting) Site C megaproject, will see its debt increase to $20 billion, up from $8 billion in 2008."

There's One Right Answer

“There is little that can be done to remediate slopes that have tension cracks and incipient shears on this scale. What happens is that groundwater moves down the cracks and along more permeable bedding planes. It has the effect of softening and weakening these layers, which have abundant swelling clay minerals, as you know. As a result, you end up with a big block of shale sitting on a very slippery surface with no cohesion in the backslope due to the tension cracks.” 

Letter Writing Party: Be Sure the NDP Government Knows You Want the Project Cancelled

Now's the time to write to Premier Horgan and key cabinet ministers to let them know you want them to make the decision to cancel Site C dam for good. They are our representatives and we need them to hear us loud and clear before they make a final decision on this devastating and unnecessary project.