Alternatives are the Answer

Headlines this week: more on geothermal and solar alternatives; international scientists agree Canada's biggest national park among most threatened; questioning the employment statistics. 

Geothermal District Energy System Means No Outside Power Needed

“BC Hydro says they won’t need the power (from Site C) for 15 to 20 years. By that time, we’ll have a lot of these energy alternatives working and we won’t need Site C at all. And the alternatives will be even cheaper by that time,” said Steves.

Awesome Power of Solar

The BC Utilities Commission has in essence concluded that we don’t need Site C, and that there are better ways to make electricity now. I agree, and will add that these better ways of making energy will create more and better, longer-term jobs, developing new clean resources our province is rich in. And these new energy sources, like the jobs that go with them, will last forever. 

Protect Canada's Biggest National Park

“The big threats are from hydro dam development,” said Carolyn Campbell of the Alberta Wilderness Association.Scientists have long warned about the slow drying of the Peace-Athabasca Delta from the Bennett Dam in British Columbia. BC Hydro’s planned Site C dam is expected to worsen those effects.

Keep Asking Questions

114 citizens from across the province, including residents of Fort St. John, have sent an open letter to B.C. Premier John Horgan raising their concerns with BC Hydro’s employment statistics for the Site C dam project.