Creative Accounting & Long-term Job Gains

Today's headline: a look at BC Hydro's history of overstating its budget successes; the Green Party makes some predictions as the final decision looms; UBC's Program of Governance analysis indicates terminating Site C in favour of alternatives results in substantial job gains in the medium- and long-term. 

B.C. Hydro’s Accounting Too Clever by Half

There’s a lesson for Mungall from the exchange: Don’t accept everything Hydro says as gospel, and for Redies: There’s nothing to celebrate when it comes to the utility’s accounting practices.

NDP Decision Expected by End of Year

Energy experts representing residents in the Peace River area, where the dam is under construction, said the utilities commission report answered the questions about the $4 billion.

“The BCUC treatment of these costs is consistent with economic theory and practice and concludes that there is no cost advantage to proceeding with Site C,” U.S. energy expert Robert McCullough says in a letter on behalf of the Peace Valley Landowner Association.

UBC’s Program on Water Governance: Compelling Analysis of Employment Generated by Project

Our analysis indicates that terminating Site C and pursuing the alternatives results in modest job losses in the short term, and substantial job gains in the medium and long-term