Rate Freezes, Lawsuits and Letter Writing

The latest: a rate freeze won't help BC Hydro; the public statement by the West Moberly and Prophet River First Nations about their meeting with BC Ministers last week; BC Green leader's letter on the BCUC report; letter-writing party success during a critical time in the fight against Site C. 

BC Premier John Horgan Borrows a Trick from Liberal's to Mask State of BC Hydro's Balance Sheet

The cabinet is still puzzling over what impact Site C will have on Hydro rates. Cancel or build, the pressure on rates will rise, and a rate freeze next year isn't going to do anything to help restore BC Hydro's finances.


West Moberly and Prophet River Warn Ministers of Billion-Dollar Lawsuit


The First Nations said the Final Report issued by the BC Utilities Commission on November 1 strengthens their infringement claim considerably and makes cancellation the only viable option.

BC Green Leader Pleased on BCUC's Site C Report


"I hope the B.C. NDP will seize the incredible opportunity before us to develop a 21st Century vision for the future of energy in this province."

Crucial Time for Fight Against Project


The Peace Valley Environment Association managed to mail off 62 hand-written letters to the Premier and members of his cabinet, asking them to scrap the controversial program. The next few weeks are crucial for the organization’s fight to have Site C terminated by the government, which is due to render a final decision on the dam’s fate before the end of the year.