Learning Hard Lessons & Avoiding Rate Increases

The latest: learning hard lessons for another hydro megaproject; more on the tax and rate increases BC residents can expect, if project goes ahead

Inquiry into Huge Cost Overruns at Labrador-based Hydro Megaproject 


“While we cannot undo the past we can learn from it,” he said. “Muskrat Falls is on the minds of all Newfoundlanders and Labradorians, deservedly so. Today marks the start of getting the answers.”

Energy Experts Weigh Impacts of Pending Site C Decision


By cancelling Site C, British Columbians will be spared an additional $8 billion to $10 billion expense, McCullough said – something he characterized as a “termination dividend."

Impact of Site C on Present and Future Ratepayers


The evidence is clear that it is not in the best interests of present and future ratepayers to build Site C.