Hydrodam Demolition and Avoiding Mistakes

The latest: another country is clearing out old, damaging hydrodam projects; Premier Horgan discusses Site C; an editorial focused on why BC should avoid making the megaproject, hydrodam mistake. 

Two Dams in France to be Demolished in 2018


The demolition of the dams will be the largest scale projects of their kind in Europe and WWF Europe’s Martina Mlinaric praised France “for leading the way on dam removal, thereby actively helping rivers and their ecosystems recover from [their] disruptive effects”.

Voice of BC: Interview with Premier Horgan


Vaughn talks to the Premier about the upcoming decision on the Site C hydroelectric dam project and other topics. 

BC Should Run, Not Walk, from Site C Project


Former premier Danny Williams promised Newfoundlanders that the mega-project was such a winner, no one needed a public utilities commission review. Like former premier Christy Clark, he pledged to get it past the point of no return. Unlike Clark, he did.B.C. still has the chance to abort Site C. Run, do not walk. Run from this looming fiscal and ecological disaster.