Alternative Reality - Say No Before it's Too Late

Today's update: alternative energy is a better choice for the province - it's the future of energy, at less cost and more jobs; lessons to learn from Iceland's geothermal agricultural industry; time is running out to tell the BC government that you want the project canceled.

Future of Energy: Renewables Cost Less

As the cost of renewables comes down, we’re seeing changes in the predominant form of new energy build outs. We’re seeing improved efficiencies in [newer] renewable energy technology that are changing the cost structure. Whereas hydropower still has plenty of labour, concrete, and transmission costs, the technology efficiencies being gained in wind and solar energy are causing the prices to come down; for example, a recent procurement process in Mexico saw solar projects come in cheaper than wind.

Alternative Energy Industry Will Create More Jobs

“By 2054, the B.C. Utilities Commission alternative portfolio will have created three times as many jobs as Site C,” Karen Bakker, one of the authors of the report and co-director of the Program on Water Governance, told DeSmog Canada.

Learning from Geothermal Fuelled Greenhouses in Iceland

With the cold climate and long winter nights, Iceland has 20 hours of darkness in the winter, and almost no arable land. The country’s residents depend on greenhouses for much of fresh vegetables. Over the past few decades, Iceland has gone from importing almost all of its produce to growing almost all of it. The countryside is dotted with greenhouses, all heated by green, geothermal energy.

Tell Government You Want Site C Cancelled - Before it's Too Late

Our government leaders need to hear from you NOW before they make a final decision on Site C. Let them know that it is clear from the BCUC report on Site C that the project needs to be cancelled immediately and that they have your full support when they make that decision.