What's Best for BC

The latest: focusing on retaining current construction jobs doesn’t reflect longer-term numbers; approving Site C could sink the BC NDP; making sure the BC government knows we don't want the project to go ahead. 

BC Without Site C is Best for Taxpayers


Large hydro projects across Canada are losing their luster and people are standing up against penalizing ratepayers for bad utility decisions. In Newfoundland, Muskrat Falls has saddled ratepayers with billions of dollars in extra debt and an inquiry is underway. The money for Site C is coming from all of us. By focusing on current construction jobs that come at such a high economic and environmental cost, we’re wasting our opportunity to become a leader in Canada’s fastest growing energy technology sector. There’s still a choice. 

Approving Site C Could Sink NDP


Up until now, this has been a BC Liberal boondoggle. The cost overruns, the ballooning debt, the questionable need for such a costly project: this is the Liberals’ mistake alone. But if the government decides to continue with Site C, they will become responsible for the impacts. It will be on the shoulders of this government.

Flood BC Cabinet Offices: We Don't Want Site C!


We are at the 11th hour of our fight to stop the Site C Dam. The BC NDP Cabinet is meeting with six advisors on the dam RIGHT NOW, and a decision is expected soon!

Take Action: Stop Site C Dam


The Council of Canadians joins with the West Moberly First Nation, the Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs, the Peace Valley Landowner Association, the Sierra Club of BC, the Wilderness Committee, BC Green Party leader Andrew Weaver, and numerous others in calling on Premier John Horgan's cabinet to cancel the Site C dam.

Site C Decision


Today I am struck by the magnitude of the decision that the BC cabinet must make about the future of the proposed Site C dam.