Questions & Doubts about Project

Today's update: the BC Premier has big questions about the project as its fate looms; the dark shadow of the BCUC continues to fall; alternative visions for the Peace River Valley get the spotlight. 

BC Premier: Tough Decisions Ahead

Horgan told reporters following his convention speech, he will conduct an intense economic review of the project in the coming weeks. He said he is concerned about recent reports of tension cracks in areas at the construction site.

'Tension Cracks' in BC Hydro's Case for Site C

The BC Utilities Commission final report on Site C is a bombshell. It now seems very likely we will see the termination of the BC Hydro mega-project by the end of the year.

I had anticipated a final report that was more equivocal, which would result in a difficult decision for the BC government. But the key findings essentially reject all of BC Hydro’s arguments in favour of the dam.

Horgan Questions if Site C is in B.C.’s ‘Best Interests’

Officials in Mr. Horgan's office said the premier is seeking a briefing from BC Hydro to find out if there are new problems that have not yet been reported by the Crown corporation.

Historic Opportunity to Consider Alternatives to Site C

Moreover, these two groups, farmers and Indigenous people, are trying to work together. In January 2014, a coalition between the Treaty 8 Tribal Association, Peace Valley Landowner Association, Peace Valley Environment Association and Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative presented an alternative vision for the valley to the Joint Review Panel considering the Site C project. Representing extensive relationship and trust-building in its formation, the coalition laid out two guiding principles for future "development" in the Peace: First, to keep the valley with all the rivers and creeks flowing into it intact; and second, to ensure that all future developments will be in harmony with the natural functions of the valley's ecosystems and its beauty.