Predictions & Possibilities

Today's update: as we await a final decision, a lawyer gives his thoughts on whether the project will proceed; a radio ad campaign underway to continue to expose the truth about Site C; geothermal continues to prove itself as a smarter alternative to the hydro dam. 

Cancelling Site C will Take Real Leadership

“I don’t see how the project could proceed, given the findings of the BCUC,” said David Austin, a lawyer for Clark Wilson LLP who represented the Clean Energy Association of BC during the BCUC hearings.

Chip In to Get Hard-hitting Site C Ad on Air

Powerful political insiders are trying to pressure the BC government to proceed with the Site C dam despite the evidence against it -- but we’ve got a plan to fight back with a hard-hitting radio ad campaign.

Geothermal: A Realistic Alternative to Hydro Dam Project

In the report on a public inquiry on a controversial hydropower dam project in the province of British Columbia, the province's Utility Commission sees up to 81 MW of geothermal power generation capacity as part of an alternative scenario for energy production in the province.

Extensive Data Shared on Geothermal Potential

Commenting on the project, Geoscience BC Vice President of Energy Carlos Salas said: “To date BC has not realized its potential for geothermal power, even though we know that potential is significant. It is important that everyone can access good information so that we can all make appropriate and balanced decisions about future development.”