Compelling Commentary on the Fate of Site C

More facts against the project and compelling commentary in support of its cancellation, as we await a final decision from the BC government. 

B.C. Needs a Public Inquiry on the Site C Dam

So for all of the propaganda about the need for Site C, essentially the panel found that instead of flooding 100 kilometres of river valley, infringing on treaty rights and pushing farmers out of their homes, we could chill for 22 years and then build a bit of wind power. Seriously.

B.C. Freezes Hydro Rates as Government Mulls Site C Decision

“The previous government made a choice - a multi-billion dollar choice – based on what appears to be no policy grounds, faulty forecasts from BC Hydro and, mostly importantly, it seemed they were driven by one thing and one thing only: Get it past what Christy Clark called the point of no return,” Horgan lamented. “We could have avoided a lot of grief if this had been done three years ago rather than last month.”

Mega Projects like Site C Hydroelectric Dam Soon a Thing of the Past

The days of massive mega projects like hydroelectric dams and oil and gas projects are over says former Minister of Environment and Natural Resources, Michael J. Miltenberger.

The Most Expensive Boondoggle in Canadian History

We are fortunate the review occurred. The next move is for Horgan to kill Site C and tell us the impact BC Hydro’s multi-billion dollar debt will have on long term rates so we can plan our energy destiny on facts over politics.

Why and How to Support West Kootenay Local Agriculture

B.C. has the lowest provincial spending on agriculture of any province in Canada (as a percent of agriculture GDP). And unless the current government stops the Site C dam, we will lose the largest area of prime agricultural land outside of the lower mainland.